May I Ask You A Question?

Today you may ask any question you like to anybody, but you cannot ask any question to everybody! Today we have a Charter of Human Rights, and article 12 says: “No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy”. Today, many civilized countries have such Privacy Act and Data Protection Act. So, although you are free to ask any question you like, you cannot interfere with one’s privacy. And if you ask a question about somebody to a third part, he knows that he should be very keen to analyze well the question and consider his answer not to reveal something that might be considered of a private nature.

Then, the ridicule and the contradictions of our culture: you have a right for your private life… until you are not a public figure. If you are a public figure you can be followed by paparazzi anywhere without mercy or prudence. And what is a non public figure called? When you are in the public, with others, are you considered private because you are not a public figure? For example, can you be photographed when you are in some public place?

And what about all the satellites going around the world, scanning and spying on us twenty-four hours a day and the political parties that are all the time monitoring our ways of thinking and ideological believes?
Can we feel secure just because some “men” have given us “the right of privacy”? Can we believe them when they speak of this right as if it were something of absolute importance, and legislate accordingly?

Jesus knew that He was a public figure. He did not even have a home; whenever He felt the need for some privacy, He was easily found in some public place! He knew that everybody was speaking about Him. And He tried to find out from His closest followers what were the rumors that were circulating about Him. But the, He asked them a very personal question: “And you, who do you think I am?” If He were to put that question today – as in fact He is doing to me and to you, who are reading this message, – we could easily accuse Him of interfering with our privacy!

What is the implication of this question? First of all, if Jesus has the courage to put it to me and to you, notwithstanding our accusation, trial and condemnation, we cannot escape it. Once a question is put to you, justly or unjustly, you will never find peace until you answer it! Second, since this is an existential and ontological question about the person of Jesus, whatever the answer, it leads towards an internalization of Jesus Christ. This is truly an interference! A violent imposition? No! Jesus respect our freedom; He does not play, use or hide behind beautiful declarations. He is capable of waiting for a life time for an answer. Third, since some day you and me are going to give freely an answer to this question, the moment we do a great transformation will happen. Internalizing Jesus, letting Truth, Love and Life, invading your privacy, is like being set free of all human fears. Who cares about privacy if one is authentic? Who is afraid of being continuously under the public eye if one is transparent?

Can it be that the only way of protecting your privacy, your uniqueness in convictions and believes, is by letting Jesus invade your privacy?

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