Love: By One, Two or Three?

Do we still speak about love? Surely! In fact, in our ultra modern and progressive times, we feel it is our greatest contribution to civilization and humanity to liberate love. Our vision is free love. That everyone may love whom one desires, and however one feels like.

So, do we still know what love is? Oh! That is a question we should not ask. Asking such a question is inviting a great debate. Well, not really! For if you think that love by one, two or three is just the same, you will not care what anybody else would say. After all: “Who are you to tell me what love is?” And if you think that real love should be by three, you would be speaking a language that so many do not understand any more!

Many consider love to be by one: self gratification. We say: loving yourself. Well, not exactly: but loving someone else on whom you have just projected yourself. Loving somebody exactly like you, if not totally, physically. Loving by one is like loving in a world without diversity.

Many consider love to be by two: convenience. We say: enjoying ourselves. Loving someone because with that person you feel good. You care for someone because that person cares for you. Loving by two is like loving in a world where everything is measured and assured; loving in a world that invites you to go out of yourself, but to certain extent; loving without risks.

However, today, we are challenged to love by three: fruitful. It is like loving each other so much so as to look together beyond each other to a common person. A common person who is the other for both of you, and in whom, both of you, can see each other. This is a unique love that cannot be experienced or understood neither by one person who loves himself, nor by two persons whose love does not go beyond themselves.

Do you know of any three persons who love like that? Have you every received such an invitation by anyone, to reciprocate his love and to share a common project with him?

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